An idea about those students acting nazi in athletic meet.

An idea about those students acting nazi in athletic meet.

(We just skip those previous wide-spread links on the internet)

From a positive point of view, it’s a good chance, by this event, to educate properly those students, those lecturers, and to improve our education materials toward a common sense. I emphasize here, a common sense shared by Taiwanese people.

To blame those students and lectures, to reduce the performance scores of them, to cut the budgets of this school don’t help. These suppressing actions only create more hates in the future.

[Supplemental]: The president of that high school claimed to resign. (news)

We shall focus on preventing the same thing happening in the future, in order to do that, understand what happened, or how it happened is truly important. Instead of ignoring them or not saying them, like “Voldemort", identifying the evil and darkness helps us to understand the values of brightness and kindness.

What scares me now is that it seems there is an entire education system for decades or a hand behind defines and orders us whom shall we hate. No matter toward nazi or the other things.

To me, more important thing is to think, as a Taiwaner, with a proper standard, why shall we dislike those things, why shall we pay attention and more resources to prevent similar things happening in the future. Those thinking processes will create a common sense of us, instead of a symbol imported from foreign societies.

Btw, The issues in Aleppo is happening right now, those people are suffering right now, even though as a Taiwaner, we can barely do anything, but to remember, to pay attention to, those crimes and evil strategies existing at this right moment, not fifty years ago. That reminds us strongly that human beings still don’t learn.









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